Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our South Troy Adventure

So a couple weeks back we decided that we were going to go geocaching in South Troy.
We had our maps all set, and we drove to the location of the first cache.
We pull up and im looking around, Dan is getting our 2yo out of the truck.

I notice a muggle(a non geocacher) watching us, so we decide to just sit there acting like were waiting for someone until the muggle left.
Muggle stood there a bit watching and then finally got in his car to drive away.
We continue our search, and next thing we know the guy is pulled up next to us asking us what we are doing?
Then he asked us if we were there to meet so and so to buy drugs.
I guess its common practice to bring your 2yo to a drug deal in s.troy?

So needless to say we were out of there very quickly and wrote that one off as DNF(did not find)

Next we were off to a nearby baseball field.  There was supposed to be one in or near the bleachers so we searched around a bit and we didnt find that one either. We werent having the greatest luck as you can guess.

We moved on to the next one, down a path and into the woods.
Put the 2yo in her backpack and took off down the trail.

after a while we realize we have to go down a huge hill that is covered in mud.
 I made it down with her on my back and Dan began the search.

He went down into the dried up stream bed, jumped around on some logs like Bear Grylls, just overall had himself a great time.

i happen to look across the way and see a tree with a hole in the bottom. I made my over and sure enough there it was!
popped it open, signed the log, made some trades and took off happy that we had finally found one today.

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