Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We hid our first caches!

To celebrate our 100th find we decided to go out and hide a couple caches.
hiding is not as easy as it sounds.
We hid them the first time and both of them came back as having to be moved.
i didnt realize that you couldn't hide things on playgrounds?

Now they are up and running smoothly. Im anxiously awaiting the FTFs on both
Over/Under Cache
Mohawk Passage

i hope they live up to the fun and challenge of Geocaching everywhere and are there for people to enjoy for years to come!

Monday, November 16, 2009

A Sunday Filled With Cache

Had a great day yesterday, we did miss a couple but thats to be expected sometimes right? LOL
We did however reach 90 caches yesterday!!!
We have decided that when we reach 100 caches that we will be placing our own cache somewhere in the area.

So first we decided to hit some easy ones. they proved a little to easy for Jack who immediately jumped from the truck and ran directly to it.
i swear this kid is a geocaching prodigy

After this cache wen headed down central ave to the next one. We spotted the "wacky inflatable arm flailing tube man" and had to stop for pictures
(if you watch Family Guy, then you'll get this)
Jack was a bit scared of it up close but i did get a decent shot
my picture is now my new facebook profile pic!!

We ended going from there to a really neat old cemetery
cache was found quickly and then the kids and I looked around a bit at some of the old tombstones

After we found ourselves in Central Park, Schenectady
this is where we struck out on caches but we did have some other great experiences

the kids were feeding geese, and as we were hiking around the woods a Hawk swooped right over Dan and Jacks heads.
I was so mad i missed that picture but i did get some great ones of him after he landed

We made our way further into downtown in search of a train.
i had no idea this was here as i dont travel into downtown Schenectady unless necessary
this thing was pretty cool though

Here is Team Neumann minus 1(someone had to take the picture)

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more adventures in Geocaching!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Our flair collection

Ever since we started this little adventure back in august, ive been on the lookout for flair.
We have our designated Geocaching backpack and the outside gets decorated with all the flair i can find.
Im always on the look out for more and more!

What a beautiful Sunday afternoon!

Yesterday we had our first warm day in weeks!
After mapping out our hunting area we were on our way.

The first place we went was just outside Mechanicville, NY.  Upon entering the location we discovered that it was a regular hangout for bums, and or teenagers?

Dan, Jack, and Ciera decided to search off past the clearing. Jillian and myself stayed back because of the gully, didnt want to fall in.

Jillian was wondering around looking and exclaims the best three words in  geocaching "I found it"
Sure enough, there it was sitting between two logs covered in bark.

As we continued on we hit a local playground. We followed the path around the back and began to look for the cache. I checked out the local wildlife and some of the marks.

Jack was the one who discovered this one, much to the dismay of his big sister. We let the kids play for a bit on the slide and then we were off again to the next hunt.

On the next one our little geocaching MVP struck again. Not 30 second after exiting the truck he found it tucked up into a wall.

The next one was in a very interesting and historical area. It was in Stillwater by the Block House.
This one was hands down the most interesting of the day.
Dan was the one who found it, we all gathered around and popped her open only to discover that the cache was infested with big black ants!
my skin still crawls thinking about it.

and here is the finder in front of the Block House

Stay tuned for our next adventure!