Monday, November 16, 2009

A Sunday Filled With Cache

Had a great day yesterday, we did miss a couple but thats to be expected sometimes right? LOL
We did however reach 90 caches yesterday!!!
We have decided that when we reach 100 caches that we will be placing our own cache somewhere in the area.

So first we decided to hit some easy ones. they proved a little to easy for Jack who immediately jumped from the truck and ran directly to it.
i swear this kid is a geocaching prodigy

After this cache wen headed down central ave to the next one. We spotted the "wacky inflatable arm flailing tube man" and had to stop for pictures
(if you watch Family Guy, then you'll get this)
Jack was a bit scared of it up close but i did get a decent shot
my picture is now my new facebook profile pic!!

We ended going from there to a really neat old cemetery
cache was found quickly and then the kids and I looked around a bit at some of the old tombstones

After we found ourselves in Central Park, Schenectady
this is where we struck out on caches but we did have some other great experiences

the kids were feeding geese, and as we were hiking around the woods a Hawk swooped right over Dan and Jacks heads.
I was so mad i missed that picture but i did get some great ones of him after he landed

We made our way further into downtown in search of a train.
i had no idea this was here as i dont travel into downtown Schenectady unless necessary
this thing was pretty cool though

Here is Team Neumann minus 1(someone had to take the picture)

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more adventures in Geocaching!!

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  1. great caching day it sounds like! hitting 100 is a great feeling! good luck hitting it soon! :D